Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Multimedia Project

It was tough picking out a topic for my final multimedia project, but I think I've come up with a winner. I've been training with my dad for the New York City Marathon since January, and we're going to run the 26.2 miles together through the five boroughs on Nov. 1. So, I think it would be really cool to focus my project on the 10-plus months of training, the event itself and maybe a little bit of conclusive material afterward. I'll have pictures, video and audio of me running, as well as some interviews and content of my dad, other family members and friends.

The marathon multimedia project was my first idea, but I battled with actually doing it because it will definitely become more of a multimedia creative, non-fiction essay than an actual piece of journalism. I think that can still work, but I'm not sure I can live up to what I have pictured in my mind.

I picked up the idea from a video on called "Love in the First Person," which is a very cool 11-minute video that you should watch. It has fantastic pictures that I'll never measure up to, but I hope I can take some of the basic principles used in that project to make a unique multimedia piece of my own.

I've got lots of ideas, but I'll also need help. I need some skilled photographers to take some pictures (and possibly some video) of me running around campus to make up for what will probably be pretty shoddy pics and video that I'll take while running the marathon. But, if all goes to plan, it should be a pretty cool experiment with some interesting results. All there's left to do is see how it pans out.

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