Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ideas on Structure

So I promised something useful today, and I figure I better deliver since the past couple days have been meaningless. I didn't do any actual physical editing on my project today, but I have been thinking more about how to structure the project so that it doesn't have to fall into the chronological format. Here's a couple things I've been considering...
  • Start with a series of images of my dad and I crossing the finish line at the NYC marathon, and soon after break into either a text slide or a piece of an interview with me talking about how I had never really run before January. I can work into the story with anecdotes from training and then finish with race day and the post-marathon stuff. It's still mostly chronological, but it could be cool to hook the audience with a "Huh? How did he do that if he never ran before January?" kind of moment. Hmm.
  • I was also thinking it would be interesting to alternate scenes and anecdotes from race day and from training. It could provide a little suspense -- will they finish it? -- and at the same time still be a cool way to set up the project. The back and forth seems to work with some popular novels and movies, so it's certainly a possibility to think about. It could also make for a great lead, if we're in the middle of the race or something as the final project starts.
Other than chronological order, those are the only two ideas I've come up with. Hopefully that constitutes "useful" and comes through on yesterday's promise because I've got nothing else. We'll see what happens this weekend.

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