Monday, November 9, 2009

Making Up for Lost Time

Ah, so I was supposed to start these daily entries about my final multimedia project last Wednesday. Whoops. I'm a few days past the mark, but here's a quick look at what I've got so far and what I still need to put together:

What I have to work with:
  • About 500 photos from my weekend in New York City, perfect for quick transitions and showing lots of imagery in a short amount of time
  • About 15 audio clips: six or seven are voice recordings I did of past journal entries to show the slow incline in the long months of training, a couple are interviews with my dad and I and the last six or seven are all from during the actual marathon. My favorite one is a great sound byte of all the water and gatorade cups dropping on the ground as we ran through one of the 20 or so refueling stations. All of these clips will probably be early on in the project...first couple minutes or so.
  • A few video clips of my dad and I running in the marathon, but I don't have as much video as I want.
From that I think I can have two-thirds of the project finished with a couple days worth of work. While I don't know exactly how I want to set up the final product just yet (I'm still playing around with ideas in my head), if the story ends up in chronological format, I'll be able to do the pre-marathon and race-day stuff now. The only thing left is post-race and final thoughts to take away.

What I still need to get:
  • Over Thanksgiving (the next time I'll be home), I'm going to sit down and do a video interview with my dad. I'll have both of us talk through our experience with the race and discuss our future plans. Before we do that though, I want to do a short video of both of us -- one at a time -- telling the story of race day. I'm sure we both have different thoughts and different memories so it'd be great to run through that day from two perspectives and tie them together in the actual project.
  • I also need a few more photos of us running together as if we were training. I know it will be after the marathon and the photos will make it seem like it was before the marathon, but I just need pictures of us running together with the fall leaves and all that. I want a picture of my dad on the scale too because I think that could add some cool lighting and another side to it.
That's it for today. I haven't done much in terms of editing the raw materials yet, but I've continued to narrow down my focus and ideas and I should be able to start really honing in on the project after I take the GREs this weekend. For now though, that test is dominating a major portion of my time.

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